What gave me the idea to do HTML is mainly because i got bored of Scratch, so i decided to do real code.
This is all made from hand, not from Wix....
I'm actually using NetBeans, check it out! Then I use amazon aws as you can check it out Here to
to host both my website and to protect my minecraft server from dos attacks

As you figured by now, i love coding, besides that, i love open world games and shooting games like Minecraft or Call of Duty.
Something interesting is that in Minecraft, I am really good at Commands and Redstone. Cool huh?
If you ever need help with Redstone, I can help you on Xbox or on PC with Redstone and Commands. With me, almost anything is possible!
I am much better at Redstone on Minecraft on PC, much more commands on there.
Im currently working on function packs. It's a way of doing commands without having the command block in the world. It's way
faster too, and way more customizable!

I have 2 Websites! (Keep in mind that the other website is really old at this point)
You can see the other Website here
The website is only for backup. also cool thing is that i have more control over everything!

I have an official minecraft server on minecraft java edition (minecraft on pc)
Completely anarchy and its on 24/7 and its hard to lag.
Its already been up for 6 months now! Crazy how time goes by...

I update this page here and there, so check back often!

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